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Practice Areas

Insurance Law


Insurance policies are contracts of adhesion that insurance companies draft and provide to you only after you have purchased the policy.  The terms and conditions contained within that policy are what determine coverage and the extent to which you are entitled to a recovery.  Many times, there is a disagremeent even from the insurance company's own representatives as to the effect and meaning of the policy's terms and conditions.

If you disagree with a decision made by your insurance company, either as to a coverage decision or the amount they have paid you, Giasi Law is here to assist you.


Contact Giasi Law for a free consultation to determine your rights.



Criminal Law

Law enforcement agencies have the power to arrest, but the Office(s) of the State Attorney and the United States Attorney's Office(s) throughout Florida have the power to formalize charges.


The foundation for the formal charges are the evidence obtained, including statements made by persons accused of a crime. 


If you believe you are the target of an investigation by law enforcement contact Giasi Law before discussing anything with any officer.


If you have been arrested or charged with a crime, contact Giasi Law for free consultation. 


Giasi Law handles all state and federal crimes, economic or "white collar", fraud, racketeering or RICO violations, trafficking, all drug related matters, arsons, thefts, driving under the influence (DUI), robbery and manslaughter.



Contract Law


Every contract, whether written or oral, has requirements and duties for each party to the contract.


If one side breaches its duties under the contract, it may relieve the other party from having to fulfill its obligations under the contract.

These contracts are different from insurance policies, in that each party is typically coming in on equal footing, free to revise and enter into the agreement reached, for the terms and conditions bargained for.


If you believe the other party has breached its duties to you, or otherwise broken the contract you have, contact Giasi Law for a free consultation to determine your rights.



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