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The Firm

Giasi Law has a combined thirty (30) years of trial experience behind it, avidly representing its clients in Federal and State Courts all over Florida.
It was created to provide superior, personal and thoughtful legal representation and counsel to each of its clients.  

Giasi Law, is a full service law firm, that can examine each case from its inception, through any and all appellate review to its ultimate conclusion.  Melissa A. Giasi, Esq. will ardently and thoroughly review your case for appeal.

If you feel that your insurance company has improperly denied coverage, or is incorrectly withholding payment and/or has undervalued your claim, Giasi Law can help you evaluate your options and will work tirelessly for your desired outcome.  
Likewise, if you have been charged with a crime, or believe charges are imminent, Giasi Law will not only assist you in protecting your rights, but will also aggressively represent you in Court and at trial against the charge(s) brought against you. 
Also, if you believe any party to a contract with you is failing to act in accordance with that contract, is violating its duties owed to you, or has wrongly breached its contract with you, Giasi Law will fiercely protect your rights and prosecute your claim.
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